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Top 10 Things You Must Do Right After Making New Year's resolutions

January 01, 20233 min read

For example, you might have vowed to start writing more or set a goal to loose wait or have a regular meditation practice.

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As admirable as your desire is, sometimes it isn't easy to maintain resolutions alive for more than a few days or weeks.

Most people fail to meet their New Year's resolution because they don’t have a plan.

To complete your goal, it’s important to have a specific action plan carefully considered. It's also crucial for your success that you write down when, where, and exactly how you intend to execute this plan to reach the finish line.

These tips can help you crush your New Year's resolution:

1. Pick one thing at a time. Take your time and focus on your most important goal at the moment.

It’s easy to get overwhelmed when you have many things to do at the same time, so prioritize one goal.

2. Make your goal specific. You’re more likely to achieve your resolution if you know what it is. Identify specific behaviors and activities you will do to fulfill the dream, which can be as simple as reading more books or making time for exercise each day.

Include a timeline for completion and the steps necessary to reach the goal.

3. Take your time to plan. Write down the steps toward the resolution and plan out how you're going to get there.

Organization is vital: you might want to write down which days of the week are best for completing your goal, what time of day works best for you, and what tools will help you reach success.

4. Start small. For example, if you want to read more books, you don't have to start reading a novel right away. Start with one chapter at a time and keep track of how many pages and hours you read each day.

For example, if you want to walk 30 minutes each day, start by walking 5 minutes once a day and gradually build up over time.

5. Avoid expecting too much too quickly. You might feel tempted to make a resolution that requires you to reach a certain level of physical fitness right away, but it's a good idea to set realistic expectations.

6. Publicize your resolution. Tell your goal to others close to you and ask them to keep you in check if they notice that you're not sticking to the plan.

7. Get a partner to keep you accountable. Tell your partner that you're making a plan to stick with your resolution and ask them to hold you responsible by checking in with you regularly.

For example, if you want to write more, ask them to help you schedule your writing time into your daily routine, and if you wish to exercise, get them to join you for some extra encouragement.

8. Reward yourself. Rewards are an effective way to boost your morale. You might give yourself a little break once you've reached your resolution, or you can reward yourself with a small gift when you complete the first step in your goal.

9. Learn from your past New Year’s resolution failures. Perhaps you haven't had the best luck with resolutions in the past. That's an excellent opportunity to determine what went wrong and what you can do differently this time around.

10. Express gratitude for completing tasks, even little ones. Appreciate all the little things along the way. If you reach a milestone in getting your resolution done, express how happy you are about that achievement.

Write down how much you enjoy the feeling of accomplishment and gratitude for doing something good for yourself.

Regardless of how difficult it is to make -- and keep -- a New Year's resolution, you can accomplish it.

Remember to write down what you’d like to accomplish. Then, focus on a specific goal and achieve that one before you go on to a new one.

With a plan in place and following these strategies, step by step, you’ll find that your New Year’s resolution isn’t so hard to stick with after all!

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