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Exclusive Coaching with Amandine

Welcome to a transformative coaching experience crafted exclusively for healing professionals. I'm Amandine, bringing over 15 years of expertise in marketing, social media, website development, branding, emailing, and a master's in strategic marketing. If you're a healer, coach, or small business owner focused on helping others, this coaching is tailored just for you.

How I Can Help You

Personalized Marketing Strategy

Benefit from a personalized marketing strategy that aligns with the unique essence of your healing practice. I'll draw upon my extensive marketing experience to elevate your brand visibility and reach.

Social Media Mastery

Unlock the potential of social media to amplify your message and attract your ideal clients. Learn proven techniques to engage and grow your community authentically.

Website and Branding Excellence

Craft a compelling online presence with a user-friendly website and impactful branding. Your digital identity will not only reflect your values but also captivate your audience.

Effective Email Campaigns

Master the art of email marketing. Learn to create and implement effective email campaigns that nurture your client relationships and drive engagement



Let's meet for a 20 minutes intro session and chat about your business, your current situation and see what we can do to help you achieve your goals.

- Initial consultation to understand your business vision and challenges.

- Identify growth opportunities and areas for strategic development.

- Establish the foundation for a tailored coaching trajectory.

- Exclusive chance to experience the synergy before commitment.



Dive into a single power-packed session, addressing your immediate concerns and providing actionable insights for instant impact.

- One-time deep dive strategy session for immediate business insights.

- Actionable advice tailored to the unique needs of your enterprise.

- Perfect for entrepreneurs seeking strategic input on a specific issue.

- Get practical tools and techniques to implement right away.



Embark on a month-long journey of transformation with one session per week. We'll meet once a week to ensure ongoing support and a strategic guidance to maximize your business growth.

- Consistent, month-long support for ongoing business growth.

- Includes regular check-ins to maintain momentum and accountability.

- Access to resources and customizable strategies throughout the month.

- Ideal for entrepreneurs ready to invest in continuous development and scaling.


Why Choose Amandine?

Proven Track Record

With a Masters degree in strategic marketing, over 15 years of experience, I've successfully guided countless healing professionals to achieve their business goals. Your success is my priority.

Tailored Approach

Each coaching session is tailored to your unique business needs. We'll work collaboratively to develop strategies that resonate with your vision and mission.

Holistic Business Growth

Experience holistic business growth that aligns with your values and elevates your impact. Together, we'll create a sustainable path for long-term success.

Ready to Transform Your Business?

Take the first step towards transforming your healing business. Click below to book your coaching session and elevate your impact in the healing and helping community.

They Trust Me

"Game Changer"

"Working with Amandine has been a game-changer for my healing practice. Her insightful guidance and strategic marketing expertise have not only boosted my online presence but also brought a new level of clarity to my business. I'm now attracting clients who resonate with my healing services, and I can't thank Amandine enough for her transformative coaching."

Anne S.

"My practice has flourished"

"Amandine's coaching is a treasure for any healer or small business owner. Her holistic approach, blending marketing mastery with a deep understanding of the healing industry, is unparalleled. In just a few sessions, she helped me refine my brand, revamp my website, and implement effective social media strategies. My healing practice has flourished, and I'm filled with gratitude for Amandine's invaluable insights."

Emily A.

"A true guide and mentor"

"I can't recommend Amandine's coaching enough. Her empathetic understanding of the healing profession combined with her marketing brilliance has been a transformative force for my business. The monthly coaching package provided sustained support, allowing me to implement changes gradually. My client base has expanded, and I feel more confident in navigating the complexities of running a successful healing practice. Amandine is a true guide and mentor."

Laura M.

"Nothing short of magical"

"Amandine's coaching is nothing short of magical. As a yoga teacher deeply committed to healing, her expertise in marketing and business strategy has been a revelation. Her guidance is not just about numbers; it's about weaving a narrative that resonates with the heart. Thanks to Amandine, my healing offerings are now reaching a wider audience, and I'm seeing the positive impact in my classes and workshops."

Will H.

"Purpose and authenticity"

"I had the pleasure of working with Amandine during a crucial phase of expanding my holistic coaching business. Her insights into branding and online presence were instrumental in shaping my unique identity in the wellness space. Amandine doesn't just offer practical strategies; she instills a sense of purpose and authenticity into every aspect of your business. Grateful for the transformative journey and results she brought to my healing practice."

Anne S.

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