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Transform Stress into Serenity - Vibrational Healing at Your Fingertips

Consultancy & Advising

Welcome to the transformative one-on-one coaching sessions! Whether you're just beginning your journey into energy work or have prior experience, these personalized sessions are designed to align your energy and guide you towards attracting the life your soul truly desires.

Reconnecting With Yourself

Our sessions are not a typical healing session nor a coaching session. It is a blend of dialogue, measurable actions and healing session through sound and transcendental meditation to help you go deeper in your transformation you want to see. A holistic approach to help you get where you need to go.

Personalized Sound Healing

Tailored to your unique vibrational signature for profound personal alignment.

Expert Guidance

Amandine's extended years of experience are distilled into every session, illuminating your path to wellness.

Accessible Anywhere

Immerse in healing sounds from the comfort of your home or on-the-go.

Results-Driven Approach

Witness measurable improvements in your mood, focus, and manifestation abilities.

Embark on a transformative odyssey with Amandine's Sound Healing Coaching Program. Our bespoke soundscapes tap into the ancient wisdom of vibrational therapy, providing you with the tools to release inner blockages and navigate life's complexity with grace. Whether you're seeking to manifest your dreams, renew your energy, or simply find peace, our program is your gateway to holistic well-being.

"The moment the first note hit, I knew I was embarking on a life-changing journey. Amandine's program didn't just help me find calm; it helped me rediscover my zest for life."

Sophie R., Happy Participant

My approach to sound healing coaching

Holistic Energy Alignment

I go beyond traditional coaching by incorporating holistic energy alignment practices. By identifying and harmonizing energetic imbalances, I create a foundation for profound personal transformation.

Sound Healing Integration

Unique to my approach is the seamless integration of sound healing. Vibrational frequencies are used to unlock and release stagnant energy, facilitating a deeper connection with one's inner self and fostering emotional healing.

Tailored Coaching Techniques

My coaching techniques are personalized to address each client's unique challenges. By combining proven coaching methodologies with energy awareness, we create a tailored roadmap for success.

Issue Identification through Energy Mindfulness:

I leverage energy mindfulness to identify underlying issues that may be hindering personal and professional growth. This approach allows us to delve into the root causes and work towards sustainable solutions.

Overcoming Blocks and Limiting Beliefs

Energy work, sound healing, and coaching converge to help clients overcome blocks and limiting beliefs. Together, we dismantle barriers, paving the way for a more empowered and purposeful life.

Focused Energy Manifestation

I guide clients in redirecting their energy towards manifesting their desires. Through intentional coaching exercises and energy-focused practices, I empower individuals to align their actions with their true aspirations.

Clarity on Life's Purpose:

My unique methodology is dedicated to helping clients gain clarity on their life's purpose. By combining introspective coaching conversations with energy awareness, I uncover passions and guide individuals towards fulfilling their true calling.

Practical Steps for Lasting Change:

My approach emphasizes actionable steps for lasting change. Beyond awareness, we provide practical tools and strategies to support clients in integrating newfound insights into their daily lives, fostering continuous growth.


Time to invest in yourself. Discover the different modalities and prices.


Engage in a unique session that intuitively selects a theme connected to your core needs, culminating in a Reiki-infused sound bath for deep relaxation and alignment.


Theme aligned with your personal needs

Reiki-infused sound bath for energy cleansing + balance

Ideal for a one-time revitalization or to address a specific concern.

Leaves you feeling aligned and rejuvenated.


Embrace a series of 5 sessions, where the power of continuity allows for progressive healing – buy four, and receive the fifth is on me, for sustained harmony and balance.


5 sessions for the price of 4 - one session is complimentary

Allows for deeper exploration and sustained healing over time

Builds incrementally on the progress from each session for holistic results

Recommended for those committed to long-term wellness and growth


Dive into three months of intensive training designed to dissolve blockages and awaken true desires. Includes personalized sound healing recordings and ancillary access to my guidance, fostering a profound journey to self-realization and manifestation.


Coach accessible between calls for feedback

Complementary Personalized Sound Healing MP3

A comprehensive 3-month long personal development program.

Identify and release blockages and assist in manifesting personal aspirations


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