I left my busy urban life to embrace a healthier, greener lifestyle.

It is sometimes easier to focus on what divides humanity than what unites us. But I believe that every one of us is driven by a desire to develop a relationship with our environment and with ourself. A Greener Life is a space for us to explore that core human necessity together. Get back to a simpler lifestyle, reconnect to our hearts and our world to find the inner-peace we seems to have lost collectively.

My blog is open to all, including those who do not subscribe to my belief system. Stepping out of our comfort zone can often be an incredibly impactful experience. I know I was one of them. I am confident that everybody can find something meaningful here to incorporate into their own daily routine.

As a Reiki master, Yoga, meditation and Kundalini teacher and spiritual life coach, I am passionate about humans, our abilities and our untapped potential.

I offer classes to help my clients build inner strength and overcome life's obstacles. I help Eco-conscious individuals and entrepreneurs along their journey. When I am done,
I try to find a new DIY project to put my teeth in!

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