Unlock Your Intuitive Power A 5 Day Journey

Join Amandine's enlightened journey to mold the clarity and confidence of your decisions with time-tested intuitive practices.

Intuition Unlocked

Join me to fortify this connection. Unleash the oracle within and make your soul's whispers your life's command.

Unlock the language of your soul with "Intuitive Mastery," a transformative course designed for the bustling modern life. In just 17 minutes a day, learn to harness the guiding power of your intuition. This concise, potent journey packs deep insight into quick, daily practices, making it the perfect ally for those thriving amidst a busy schedule.

Answer the call to clarity—your inner oracle awaits, and it's just moments away. Are you ready to turn whispers into wisdom? Join now and align your daily stride with the pulse of intuition.

Intuitive Mastery Course

A World Of Benefits

Heightened Self-Awareness

Cultivate a deep understanding of your inner signals and cues, enhancing personal growth and self-discovery.

Confident Decision-Making

Learn to trust your gut feelings and intuitive insights, leading to decisions that feel right and are in line with your life's purpose.

Reduced Anxiety and Stress

By trusting your intuition, reduce the overthinking and second-guessing that often leads to stress.



Tap into spontaneous insights and ideas, unlocking a new level of creativity and problem-solving.

Improved Emotional Intelligence

Deepen your connection with not just your own feelings but also the emotions of those around you.

Hello and welcome!

Amandine LRH is a seasoned Mindfulness Coach and meditation expert, proficient in guiding individuals on a transformative journey towards inner peace and mindfulness.

Through her extensive practice and expertise, she offers a holistic approach to personal development, grounding her teachings in both theory and practical application.

With a focus on intuitive development, stress management, and emotional equilibrium, Amandine melds traditional and modern psychological practices to foster growth.

Her engaging methodology and deep understanding of human behavior equip her well to lead the "5 DAY COURSE TO STRENGTHEN AND TRUST YOUR INTUITION," where participants learn to empower their decision-making by tapping into deep intuitive insights.

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What To Expect


Introduction to Intuition:

Discover the essence of your intuitive power; an enlightening primer to start recognizing the silent yet profound inner guidance that we often overlook.


Strengthening Intuitive Awareness:

Techniques to heighten your intuitive senses, making decision-making more instinctive and less cluttered by everyday noise.


Exploring Intuitive Tools:

Learn to utilize various intuitive tools that enhance your daily decision-making process, honing a skill that complements logic with a touch of insight.


Trusting Intuition:

Build confidence in your gut feelings as we dive into trusting our natural instincts, redefining the balance between rationality and intuition.


Integration and Application:

Practical strategies to seamlessly integrate intuition into your life, transforming decision-making into an art form of balance and clarity.

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Day Journey


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Intuition isn't just a whisper in silence; it's a guide through life's maze. My course invites you to awaken this power. With tailored exercises and immersive practices, you'll get the keys to sharpen your inner voice and navigate life with newfound clarity.


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