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Release Your Blockages & stuck emotions through a 10 day sound healing journey!

Join this journey to clearing and balancing your chakras through the power of sound healing. Through each class you'll be able to locate and heal from stuck energies.

Time to release what is holding you back and be free to manifest your dreams!

Struggles are part of life, but sometimes we keep unwanted souvenirs from our past. Stuck emotions or blockages that make sure we cannot move forward with our dreams and aspirations. Get just get stuck in that unhealthy energy. Worse is, sometimes we don't even realize it!

But there are effective ways to gently approach and heal our wounds, face our fears so we can better move forward.

If you already to embrace the best version of yourself, this course is for you!

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Life Is Great. I Will Show You How To Make It Better.

My name is Amandine, I am a meditation and sound healing teacher and a Reiki master and offer healing and peace through recordings of mindful and transcendental meditations, as well as guided Sound Healing live meditations.

Today I am honored to bring you on a deeper healing journey through the chakras using the power of crystal bowls, breath work and mindful guided meditations.


By joining this course you'll embrace a 10 day journey during which we will briefly explore what chakras are, why they are so important to your well being, and how we can activate and balance each of them to help you let go of blockages you may or may not be aware of in your body.

What To Expect

Reset & Renew

By the end of this course you will:

  • Learn about the chakras

  • Go deep into each energy center

  • Have Identified around 7 blockages

  • Learned the tools to release them.

  • Allowed yourself to feel more like your true self

  • Enjoy a more harmonious life moving forward

This course is for anyone who wants to reset their energy and let go of what no longer serves them.

Accessible to all levels!

Because we don't always have a lot of time, to dedicate to ourselves, I created session that all last under 30 minutes. An easy way for you to re-explore each lesson as often as you need!

Over 6000 satisfied students!

Join the ranks of over 4900 satisfied individuals who have transformed their lives with my course.

Rated 4.9 stars for its effectiveness and life-changing impact.

"Just finished the course. Have also been listening to some of your other crystal bowl recordings. I very much enjoyed and appreciated the course as well as your artistry with the bowls. I plan to take a few days and then repeat the course.

Thanks so much for the course. I look forward to repeating it and exploring your other offerings."

Jack - Happy Student From Seattle

"Hi, I have been here for a while exploring my lower chakras. I love your sounds Amandine - it really helps me exploring my back pain, understanding and releasing. Many thanks. I am very much connected to sounds and my body loves them."

Christine - Happy Student

"Thank you! The course was really nice. Grateful to you and your efforts .🙏❤️"

Mitra A - Happy Student from Moss Beach

Brilliant. Such a beautifully thought out and inspiring class ❤️

Jim C - Happy Student from TX, USA

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Release Your Blockages & stuck emotions in 10 days!

Join this journey to clearing and balancing your chakras through the power of sound healing. Through each class you'll be able to locate and heal from stuck energies.

Time for you to let go of the past and feel free to pursue your dreams

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