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This is place were I help busy folks like you make time for inner-peace through the power of mindfulness, reiki infused sound healing and meditation. Joining such a community is super beneficial for you to heal from your wounds, build inner-strengh and clarity so you can shift your energy to pursue your dreams and live your best life!

Time to let go of what doesn't serve you and become a force for good!

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  • Ad free Meditations

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  • Exclusive Discounts on digital products, healing songs and upcoming workshops

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  • And much more!

Meditation Library

Access my ever growing collection of meditations and affirmations going from 5 min up to 30min!

You'll enjoy themes based on consciousness, sleep aid, heart opening, lowering stress, expanding gratitude and much more!

Sound Healing

My free lives are always under 30 minutes. Joining the member area is the most affordable way to access highly relaxing and healing sessions of sound baths that will last up to an hour. You'll also will be able to suggest or select the themes on which upcoming sound baths are about!

Free downloads & Discounts

Who doesn't like free downloads!? As a cherished member you get free access to new products, journals, ebook and long format meditations. But also have exclusive discount codes on my new releases, 1:1, courses and upcoming workshops!


Through our weekly wisdom sequence and our Q&A I am here to help you on your journey to self transformation.

I will also adapt my future readings and topics based on what you share with me.

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