Inviting Resilience & Playfulness Into Your Work

Elevate Your Career With A Transformational 3-Hour Online Retreat. Get Ready For a Unique and Powerful Blend Of Expert Coaching and Holistic Mindfulness Practices that will reawaken your purpose, sharpen your focus, and align your professional aspirations with your authentic self.


Intention Ceremony

Set the tone so this experience offers you exactly what you need.


Career clarification activities

Let's get you to "work" in a playful and impactful way


Sound bath

Deepen what you learn during our retreat through a holistic sound healing experience

Feel stuck in your daily work routine? Discover how to weave resilience and playfulness into your professional life to foster a thriving career.

JUNE 8th at 3PM (ET) & 1PM (PT)


Our Expertize & Services

Join Erica Mattison, renowned career coach, and sound healing and mindfulness expert Amandine, for an interactive journey. Together, we'll explore proven strategies to build your resilience and joy in the corporate world.

Intention Ceremony

Begin with a ritual of connection as we invite you to an opening ceremony where you will have the opportunity to set your intentions for the retreat. Engage in collective mindfulness as you're guided through a meditative sound bath experience that aligns your intentions for professional growth with emotional and mental poise.

Interactive Career Growth Workshop

Transition into dynamic career coaching with Erica Mattison, an expert career and life coach. Participate in thought-provoking activities designed to challenge and expand your professional outlook. Engage in a purposeful interactive session that includes a breakout room activity, encouraging collaborative learning and personal breakthroughs.

Sound Healing Immersion

Allow the vibrational power of sound to facilitate deep healing with Amandine’s expertly curated sound bath. This immersive experience is crafted to support inner transformation, echoing the power of your intentions and amplifying your professional resolve through sensory rejuvenation.

Reflective Integration and Closing

Conclude with reflection and sharing, cementing the day’s insights. You'll then transition to an integrative meditation led by Amandine, designed to leave you with a sense of clarity and balance. We cap off the retreat with some tools to allow you to keep exploring your own context and your path ahead.

Expect to leave the retreat with:

Enhanced professional clarity and a roadmap to utilize resilience as a strategic resource.

Embraced playfulness as a tool for creativity and stress management.

Actionable insights on weaving mindfulness seamlessly into your daily work life.

A vibrant professional network of like-minded individuals.

Renewed enthusiasm for playful productivity and resilient leadership.

Immerse yourself in the art of professional well-being. Reserve your space today and transform the way you engage with work and life.


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Meet Your Hosts

Amandine LRH

Meet Amandine, a dedicated catalyst for change in the realm of personal growth, sound healing and mindfulness. As a seasoned Mindfulness Coach and transformative educator, she guides her clients through the vibrant landscape of self-discovery and spiritual awakening. With over 6,000 lives touched through her sound healing work, Amandine has sculpted a suite of offerings that resonate with the soul's quest for deeper understanding of oneself and its unique map to inner-peace.

Erica Mattison

Meet Erica Mattison, your partner for creating a rewarding, impactful career. Erica has first-hand experience writing her own job description and successfully pivoting. As a certified career coach and master certified life coach, Erica has a holistic, strengths-based approach to her work with clients. She leverages her background in sustainability, nonprofit organizations, higher education, and public policy to support social impact professionals to clarify and advance their goals. Whether you are looking to make a career pivot, launch your business, or become a more confident leader, Erica can help you increase your confidence as you design your next chapter in alignment with your values.

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Frequetly Asked Question

How can mindfulness contribute to professional productivity?

Mindfulness enhances professional productivity by fostering a clear and focused state of mind. It reduces stress, allowing individuals to respond to work challenges with calmness and clarity. Practices such as mindful breathing or targeted meditations can help center attention, diminish distractions, and boost engagement with tasks at hand.

Can sound healing really impact my work performance?

Absolutely. Sound healing can have profound effects on your physiological state, which in turn affects your work performance. The soothing frequencies help to lower stress levels, balancing the body's systems. This relaxation response can lead to improved mental clarity and reduced anxiety, making it easier to handle pressure and meet deadlines with poise.

How do I maintain the balance between being playful and staying professional at work?

Maintaining balance requires setting clear boundaries and understanding the context. You can integrate playfulness into your work through creative problem-solving and team-building activities that foster a positive atmosphere. However, staying professional means knowing when to switch gears and focus on the seriousness of your responsibilities. It's all about context and timing – playfulness should never come at the expense of productivity or respect in the workplace."

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