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How Habit Tracking Can Change Your Life

February 01, 20234 min read

How do you envision yourself five or ten years from now? Is there anything you would like to see in your ideal happy life?

John C. Maxwell said, "The secret to success is in your daily routine." In that sense, what habits can you adopt that will lead you to a fulfilling life?

Studies have shown that the key to improving our life is creating routines that become habits.

A habit tracking system is the most effective way to create new habits

Keeping a habit tracker is a simple way to keep track of your daily or weekly behavior. By visualizing your progress, you feel motivated and you're more likely to show up the next day.

Still wondering if you should start habit tracking? Here are 5 reasons why you should start.

Why you should start habit tracking:

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1. Daily reminder to take action.

Studies have shown that people who keep track of their progress are more likely to succeed than those who do not. This includes people trying to quit smoking, lose weight, and lower blood pressure.

Tracking your habits on a daily basis is a simple way to remind yourself of the actions you need to take in order to reach your goals.

2. Motivation to continue.

Seeing progress is the most powerful motivation. With every small win, habit tracking can create growing motivation to continue towards your goals! In the beginning we don't feel the impacts of our new practice or habit so it is important to find another way to stay motivated.

3. Gratification from achieving your goals.

Every time you mark a habit as complete, you get a sense of accomplishment! Make sure to allow yourself to celebrate these accomplishment. This feeling will give you the boost you need to continue the following day.

4. More likely to reach your goals.

Breaking down your big goals into small habits that you track will help you feel more confident and in control. You’ll be more likely to reach your goals with a habit tracker holding you accountable every day!

5. See your progress.

Months down the line, you will be able to see how far you have come from where you started. Spend time once a month or every few months reflecting on previous months and appreciating how far you’ve come. Make sure to also write about your progress. How it makes you feel to see how far you have come.

Tracking your habits and goals will have a compound effect on your happiness. Are you ready to start?

Get started tracking your habits:

1. Write down your goals.

To define what’s meaningful to you, journal about the life you envision. What does the happiest version of your life look like? Make sure not to overwhelm yourself with too many and or unrealistic goals.

2. Create habits that will help you achieve the life you envision.

What goals are most significant to you? What habits can you develop that will help you achieve those goals?

3. Add those habits to a habit tracker.

Next, add the habits you want to track to your habit tracker.

4. Every time you complete a habit, mark it on your habit tracker.

Aim at making it your mission to record each measurement after you complete the habit. This will help you use your habit tracker regularly and celebrate each habit as you complete it!

5. Download A Habit Tracker. 

I recently created a guidebook to help you embrace a more mindful and spiritual lifestyle and coupled it with a habit tracker that would be a perfect way to get your started on this path. Click here to download it! You can also download a habit tracking app. I know there's a lot of good ones out there with free plans.

No matter how, tracking your habits will help you feel in control of your life.


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As you look back on your weeks and months, you’ll see what you accomplished (and did not accomplish). It can help you see progress, and also where you can improve!

As you track your habits, you might also notice different patterns. For example, maybe you notice that on the days you practice meditation or yoga you feel like you have more energy and feel more relaxed.

Remember: Developing a habit takes time! So be gentle with yourself.

Don’t feel discouraged if you forget to do something one day. Instead, make a commitment to complete it the next day. Consider that forming a habit can take months and keeping a habit tracker can help motivate you as you keep track of your daily progress.

Much Love


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